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QorTek is a foremost developer in North America  of engineering services and custom design of actuation device mechanisms utilizing “smart” materials and associated power electronics for mission specific systems. Holding a number of patents and proprietary designs, QorTek has developed a wide range of custom and specialized actuation mechanisms for many federal Agencies including U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, DARPA, NASA, and U.S. Navy.  Spanning applications requirements from Underwater systems needs such as ASW and Communications to Ground and Air systems such as UAVs, Landing Craft, Elevator Systems and Shipboard Armament through to Space Systems needs in Ultralight Spacecraft, Imaging Systems and Adaptive Optics, no one knows more about design of compact high performance integrated actuation devices, systems and mechanisms than QorTek.

QorTek has taken its Federal technology base and leveraged these capabilities into providing state-of-the-art actuation mechanisms and entire actuation systems for commercial needs. Through its patented actuator technologies, integrated mechanical and electrical design capabilities, and its prototype manufacturing and test facilities, QorTek can provide comprehensive product support.  QorTek continues to develop unique actuation mechanism solutions for a number of key industries including Medical, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Underwater Exploration, and Industrial Machines.

Skilled QorTek engineers can provide a wide range of custom designed actuation solutions for our customer needs and we continue to innovate through such concepts as rad hard mechanisms and electronics, bi-stable actuation mechanisms and high-loading and high-temperature withstand actuation mechanisms.

Our comprehensive skill sets combined with an very wide and diverse range of test equipment and state-of-the-art modeling capabilities enable QorTek to provide customers with an unequalled single source solution for custom design engineering support and development to assist solving of actuator challenges.  These comprehensive capabilities are backed by leading edge FEA modeling, power electronics, test equipment and end-to-end manufacture capability.   Our Engineering Services can support your product design and development at every stage from initial drawings to final evaluation testing of hardware prototypes.

Our experienced design and engineering staff design, manufacture and test a wide range of custom and specialty actuators for both Government and Industry customers.  Our wide range of test equipment can support most evaluation requirements from standard shock & vibration and thermal cycling  tests through to vacuum and high/low temperature testing. 

Skilled QorTek engineers can provide a wide range of custom designed solutions for your needs as we continue our mission of innovation.

Please contact our experienced engineering staff for supporting the best solution to your actuation device or system requirements.


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