QorTek was founded in 1998 as a developer and manufacturer of piezoelectronics and piezo actuation mechanisms. The company pioneered regenerative circuitry within power supplies enabling recycling of the high amount of return energy experienced on each cycle when driving capacitive or inductive loads – such as all piezoelectric devices. The concept of regenerative power drivers for piezoelectric mechanisms was enthusiastically adopted by the engineering community and became the foundation for the company’s success.

QorTek later launched the development of novel sensor and actuator devices based on piezoelectric materials. They have continued to build upon their preeminent position as the world’s leader in design of piezoelectronics topologies and circuit designs. There have been several ensuing (regenerative) power products including: all-digital drives, hybrid drives, self-tracking drives, and capacitive drive systems.

QorTek has expanded its technology base to begin a decade-long development of Intelliplastics® sensors and energy harvesting mechanisms. The interest in development of leading edge compact and subcompact power supplies for piezoelectric actuators led QorTek to develop its own mechanical amplified (flextensional) and bimorph actuator technologies. Many of these products are patented.


Dr. Gareth Knowles PhD PE, CEO

Gareth received his PhD from Kings College Cambridge. Previously he was CTO for EMF Industries and before that Lab Head of Dynamics and Control R&D at Northrop Grumman while simultaneously heading up their Smart Materials activities.  He holds 27 granted patents (8 more pending) covering piezoelectronics, active devices, actuator designs and power electronics.  He has delivered over 50 national and international invited talks and has published over 100 technical papers.  He has received several technology leadership awards and twice awarded EEC/EU Visiting Professorship (University of Strathclyde, Technical University of Denmark). He was Editor-in-chief of the ‘Journal of Smart Structures & Materials’, Editor-in-chief of Institute of Physics ‘Adaptive Structures & Active Materials’ monograph text series, has been Senior editor for several engineering professional organization journal publications including ‘IEEE Systems & Controls’; ‘International J. of Robust & Nonlinear Control’ etc., and been Chairperson of a number of engineering society committees including SPIE, CERF, and IEEE that have included culminating in House/Senate written reports. He has served as either Conference or Conference Section Chairperson for several professional engineering societies.

  • "The QorTek team has deep technical understanding of a wide variety of projects. It is stimulating to work with such a talented team of engineers and managers. They were able to connect the dots from our SiC device solutions to the DoD customer requirements"

    Dr. Ranbir Singh, President/CEO, GeneSiC Semiconductor Inc.
  • QorTek provided the critical skills necessary to help us complete our Phase I and II SBIR project. Without their assistance with power amplifier design and architecture the program would not have been nearly as successful. The technology they developed may have other applications within our company that we are excitedly exploring.

    Eric Summers, Vice President & Chief Scientist, ETREMA Products, Inc.
  • QorTek is an outstanding partner that we have worked with on several advanced technology projects. They are one of our core small business relationships for the SBIR/STTR Program. We hope to leverage their advanced technology in our programs for mutual benefit.

    Jon Bell, Manager – MST Newport Operations, Lockheed Martin
  • QorTek’s knowledgeable engineering staff worked closely with our engineers in understanding our needs to provide us with the customized high power amplification and complex algorithm control that allowed us to move our product to the next level. Working with QorTek was a great experience and their products reflect their commitment to excellence.

    Maureen L. Mulvihill, PhD, President and CEO, Actuated Medical, Inc.
  • “QorTek has provided innovative products that have powered our underwater acoustic transducers, allowing us to support the US Navy with much needed systems. QorTek has been especially outstanding in backing up their products with excellent support, not only with phone support but their physical presence during key phases of our lab and field testing. We view this as being above and beyond the normal level of support provided by subsystem suppliers.”

    Peter Ulrich, Principle Investigator, Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation
  • I have had the pleasure of working with QorTek and its technologists for nearly 15 years, on many different projects, ranging from flutter test surfaces for NASA to guided hard-launched munitions for DARPA. The engineering solutions were always lower in weight and volume than expected and contracted with superior performance. Basically, QorTek is our go-to company for piezoelectric actuation and driving electronics.

    Dr. Ron Barrett, President and O.E.O., Barrett Aerospace Technologies
  • It has been a pleasure to team with QorTek on R&D contracts. We worked with them to successfully develop a ceramic based DC-DC converter and were able to integrate Space Micro's expertise with their advanced electronics as to create a path to space grade components.

    David Strobel, President and CEO, Space Micro, Inc.
  • APC International has been working with QorTek for several, years on various engineering projects. QorTek's experience, knowledge and expertise working with piezo devices and drive electronics has been invaluable. QorTek's personal have always been very helpful and attentive throughout the entire process. APC looks forward to working with QorTek for many years to come.

    Jeff Zahnd, VP Engineering, APC International, Ltd
  • QorTek is a very agile and innovative group. They have a broad set of skills and talents. I have engaged them on several design and development projects and they have delivered on each one. They not only delivered the desired system, but they also educated us immensely on the new technology we were adopting. I have no hesitation in going to them in the future for any power or control design needs.

    Douglas Memering, Director - Product Planning Fuel Systems, Cummins, Inc.
  • “I have collaborated with QorTek, Inc. since its inception. This company is characterized by excellent engineering credentials and skills, experience, professional ethics and knowledge of its engineers, and disciplined and organized management style. Working on numerous projects as a consultant I have always been impressed by the quality of the projects developed by the company and the inventiveness demonstrated in its designs.”

    Victor Birman, PhD, PE, President, MechResearch, LLC

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