QorTek has established several highly equipped Technology Center Labs within its operation. These Labs encompass nearly every aspect of product design and engineering through to comprehensive product test evaluations.

Piezo-mechanical Lab:

QorTek has a completely equipped laboratory for piezoelectric device characterization and piezo-mechanical system testing. Originally set-up to investigate its funded development of high power density piezoelectric transformer technology and microelectronics security systems, the lab has now been extended to enable a wide range of piezoelectric device related testing as to include comprehensive automated thermal characterization, mechanical loading (stress-strain vs. applied voltage/power), displacement (down to nm range) and electromechanical coupling. QorTek’s piezo-mechanical lab also includes capability for piezoelectric device characterization including D33 measurement, high accuracy laser-micrometer based displacement measurements, as well as electrical impedance, capacitance, loss, Q, and general electrical network analysis capabilities via both an HP E4980A and HP4395A.    

Digital/Microelectronics Lab:

QorTek maintains a wide array of state of the art hardware and software tools for the development of digital and microelectronic systems; these include Xilinx ISE Design Suite, a range of software and electronics systems including in-circuit emulators, debuggers, download/programming hardware, EVM boards, DSK tools and device simulators. To complement the digital hardware design tools, QorTek is registered with both Microsoft MSDN and National Instruments Developers Suite PC software design tools. This allows QorTek to develop PC graphical user interface tools (C/C++/C#, Visual Basic, LabWindows/CVI, LabVIEW) for its own digital control hardware.  It has developed a number of proprietary LabVIEW and MATLAB engines; software and TI DSP or Cygnal Microcontroller interfaces for matrix interconnect electronics design, visualization and control logic algorithms.

Analog/Mixed Signal Electronics Design & Simulation Lab:

QorTek has established a complete suite of professional schematic capture, 3D PCB layout and analysis tools for electronics design and simulation including Altium EDA, Intusoft ICAP/4 and Cadence OrCAD systems. QorTek maintains extensive equipment and facilities in their power electronics laboratory that include high voltage/current power supplies, variacs, curve tracers, LCR meters, isolation transformers, pulse generators, signal generators, and digital oscilloscopes with the latest measuring software from Tektronix (power analysis, fast acquisition, DPOJET). The high power electronics lab is also equipped with high voltage differential measurement probes (up to 5200Vrms) and current probes with measurement capability to 150 A. QorTek maintains a range of modern DC and AC power analysis tools including an Agilent N6705A DC Power analyzer with a range of custom interfaces developed specifically for capacitive load power electronic applications.

Materials Characterization Lab:

The materials characterization laboratory installation includes Denton DV-502 vacuum chamber that is capable of 1X10-7 Tor, Despatch 900 Series (25 to 274 Deg-C) environmental bench chamber, thermal chambers with a range of -73°C to +250°C for materials characterization and performance assessment. The lab also includes a temperature/humidity chamber with a range of -68°C to 175°C and humidity range of 10% to 95% RH and a Thermolyne 6000 Furnace with a maximum temperature of 1200°C for materials characterization and performance assessment..  The lab also possesses a shock and vibration system that can test a various devices with 75 pounds of force in all three axes.  Additionally, the lab includes a custom Keithley electrometer system with custom probes to enable automated pressure gradient/temperature gradient response data logging and a FLIR thermal imaging camera to detect thermal anomalies in designs and components. All of QorTek's laboratories include DPO7000 Series Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes and DPO3000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope and the latest software to perform precise small signal measurements. Additional materials characterization capabilities include a range of load cells, strain gauges, accelerometers, shaker tables, and their respective amplifiers, control and data acquisition systems. QorTek also maintains an HP4395A and E4980A for dielectric, and reactive component and material characterization.

FEA Modeling, Simulation & Prognostics Lab:

QorTek’s Modeling, Simulation and Prognostics Lab has the latest solids modeling software SOLIDWORKS®, Finite Element Analysis software COMSOL Multiphysics®, MATLAB and SIMULINK in addition to CUDA/C tools for parallel processing. Specific FEA modeling tools include comprehensive structural mechanics analysis, thermal structure interaction, AC/DC and electromagnetic modeling as well as extensive piezoelectric device modeling capability.  Within the Software Laboratory environment QorTek has custom developed tools interactive multiport solvers that provide cutting edge simulation that takes into account interactive action between electrical, mechanical, and thermal parameters.  QorTek also has developed a compact high powerful computing platform based on the Mini ITX Motherboard specific for GPU computing.  The PC is equipped with an Intel Core I7 3.5GHz Quad Core Processor, 16G of RAM and a GTX670 GeForce GTX graphics card.  A dedicated ThinkPad for the lab has an Intel Core i7 2.9GHz processor, 32G of RAM, and a GT630M GeForce graphics card utilized for GPU MATLAB data intense programming.   Numerous Xilinx Virtex development boards are also available for prototyping and testing algorithms.  QorTek currently has two Virtex 7 based boards, VC707 and the VC709, and the ML605 Virtex 6 based development board. QorTek also has 20T of in house storage for handling large file storage.

  • It has been a pleasure to team with QorTek on R&D contracts. We worked with them to successfully develop a ceramic based DC-DC converter and were able to integrate Space Micro's expertise with their advanced electronics as to create a path to space grade components.

    David Strobel, President and CEO, Space Micro, Inc.
  • I have had the pleasure of working with QorTek and its technologists for nearly 15 years, on many different projects, ranging from flutter test surfaces for NASA to guided hard-launched munitions for DARPA. The engineering solutions were always lower in weight and volume than expected and contracted with superior performance. Basically, QorTek is our go-to company for piezoelectric actuation and driving electronics.

    Dr. Ron Barrett, President and O.E.O., Barrett Aerospace Technologies
  • "The QorTek team has deep technical understanding of a wide variety of projects. It is stimulating to work with such a talented team of engineers and managers. They were able to connect the dots from our SiC device solutions to the DoD customer requirements"

    Dr. Ranbir Singh, President/CEO, GeneSiC Semiconductor Inc.
  • QorTek’s knowledgeable engineering staff worked closely with our engineers in understanding our needs to provide us with the customized high power amplification and complex algorithm control that allowed us to move our product to the next level. Working with QorTek was a great experience and their products reflect their commitment to excellence.

    Maureen L. Mulvihill, PhD, President and CEO, Actuated Medical, Inc.
  • “I have collaborated with QorTek, Inc. since its inception. This company is characterized by excellent engineering credentials and skills, experience, professional ethics and knowledge of its engineers, and disciplined and organized management style. Working on numerous projects as a consultant I have always been impressed by the quality of the projects developed by the company and the inventiveness demonstrated in its designs.”

    Victor Birman, PhD, PE, President, MechResearch, LLC
  • “QorTek has provided innovative products that have powered our underwater acoustic transducers, allowing us to support the US Navy with much needed systems. QorTek has been especially outstanding in backing up their products with excellent support, not only with phone support but their physical presence during key phases of our lab and field testing. We view this as being above and beyond the normal level of support provided by subsystem suppliers.”

    Peter Ulrich, Principle Investigator, Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation
  • QorTek is a very agile and innovative group. They have a broad set of skills and talents. I have engaged them on several design and development projects and they have delivered on each one. They not only delivered the desired system, but they also educated us immensely on the new technology we were adopting. I have no hesitation in going to them in the future for any power or control design needs.

    Douglas Memering, Director - Product Planning Fuel Systems, Cummins, Inc.
  • QorTek provided the critical skills necessary to help us complete our Phase I and II SBIR project. Without their assistance with power amplifier design and architecture the program would not have been nearly as successful. The technology they developed may have other applications within our company that we are excitedly exploring.

    Eric Summers, Vice President & Chief Scientist, ETREMA Products, Inc.
  • APC International has been working with QorTek for several, years on various engineering projects. QorTek's experience, knowledge and expertise working with piezo devices and drive electronics has been invaluable. QorTek's personal have always been very helpful and attentive throughout the entire process. APC looks forward to working with QorTek for many years to come.

    Jeff Zahnd, VP Engineering, APC International, Ltd
  • QorTek is an outstanding partner that we have worked with on several advanced technology projects. They are one of our core small business relationships for the SBIR/STTR Program. We hope to leverage their advanced technology in our programs for mutual benefit.

    Jon Bell, Manager – MST Newport Operations, Lockheed Martin

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