CYCLOPS Sensoriactuators combine specially designed steel or titanium housing to eliminate any possible compression force on installed piezoelectric actuator. The design allows the selected position sense device to be exactly colocated with the actuation action and provide precise measurement of displacements.

Shown is standard CYCLOPS sensor/actuator (Sensoriactuator) devices integrated into state-of-the-art Silicon Carbide Mirrors (with Beryllium coatings) used to provide USAAF and MDA with advanced High-speed/Ultra high Precision  capable Fast Optics capabilities.

Patented CYCLOPS Advantages for Optics Applications

  • Integrated sub-nanometer position sensor -- Has the ability to provide extremely accurate metrology that is moreover colocated with the actuator itself. The self-integrated measurement provided can deliver accuracy error as low as 0.08nm.
  • Higher performance -- 40m of stroke and force output capability of nearly 2500N

CYCLOPS devices can be custom engineered as to support a wide range of form factor, bandwidth and accuracy requirements. Please contact our experienced engineering staff for support in evaluating your development or product needs.

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