HERMES Multi-Axis Stepper Bench Equipment

Affordable HERMES Series of High Precision 3-Axis  Large Excursion Capable Equipment

QorTek has developed an agile low cost options for high speed/high-precision multi-axis stepper applications.  Available for under $8,000, the new HERMES Large Excursion Capable series are designed to have extremely tight dimensional tolerance and positional repeatability.

In addition to the conventional x-y stepper capability the HERMES Multi-axis Equipment design also incorporates a manually operated cantilevered Z stage supporting any of a range of precision instruments, such as a point laser micrometer, enabling a wide range of application flexibility in a single tool.

HERMES Series Steppers have found uses in materials quality inspection applications.  Material properties, such as surface quality and thickness uniformity data, are readily obtained a HERMES-based metrology.   

The HERMES equipment incorporates QorTek proprietary and patented x-y matrix scanning system speed in a raster pattern and algorithms for ultra fast operation.  The resulting fine matrix array (as little as 3 microns apart) provides accurate measurement of evaluation parts and materials acceptance parameters.

HERMES Affordable High-Performance Stepper Equipment

  • Fully manufactured and assembled in USA these devices provide exceptional reliability and ruggedness.
  • Low cost multi-task capable 2-axis motion benchtop units with manual z stage
  • Wide choice of sensors are easily be installed
  • High-speed digital integrated electronics provide rapid high fidelity scan imaging
  • Stable high resolution motion
  • Digital integration compatible
  • User controlled scan rate
  • Excellent s/n ratio

HERMES Multi-Axis Stepper Bench (Standard Model*) Features:

  • Direct drive operation enabling wide dynamical range
  • Both automated x-y scanning and manual z-axis scanning
  • Absolute positioning accuracy of <±3 μm
  • 400mm × 800mm  × 57mm (x,y,z) travel range
  • Automated (x-y plane) linear step size of <5μm
  • Parallel kinematics for enhanced dynamical (x-y plane) performance
  • Load capacity to 500N

HERMES high speed/high-precision multi-axis stepper is available with or without custom software interface. . Please contact our experienced engineering staff for support in evaluating your development or product needs.

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