The patented TITAN based corrugated design and center block architecture can be easily fabricated in a fully circular geometry as to enable install of a Quadrature piezoelectric, electrostrictive or single crystal multilayer stack transducer assembly; the result is the HYDROS series of compact fully self-integrated acoustic source device.  These fully integrated sources provide superlative performance requiring only drive signal and power connections.

Optionally pre-installed is a Polybridge® power module -  the World’s most advanced ultra-high power density acoustic drive technology, available only from QorTek. Polybridge® power modules are custom designed for exact form fit within standard HYDROS housing products.

HYDROS Technology Advantages & Versatility

Fully manufactured and assembled in USA for high reliability and ruggedness, HYDROS is the highest power density acoustic source presently available in the US market. This next generation sources offer a unique set of design advantages that include:

  • High Energy Density – Its unique quadrature design derived from QorTek’s patented TITAN technology and patented engineered center block provides up to 40% more displacement and 25% more force than what standard active acoustic designs can deliver. This translates into exceptional acoustic power deliver for such a compact package
  • Fully Assembled – HYDROS units come fully integrated and assembled in USA. Customer does not need to invest in developing a separate housing, actuation and power electronics drive solutions
  • Engineered Center Block - Engineered center block that enable parallel multilayer transducers (e.g. piezoelectric stacks) for even higher power applications
  • Polybridge Power Inside – HYDROS units come with the World’s most advanced power switching drive technology providing the World’s highest power density.
  • Pre-installed Self-integrated Power Controller – HYDROS incorporates its own high performance power controller already pre-installed. 
  • Unique Modular Construction - Enables easy transducer removal and upgrades.

HYDROS devices are available in a wide range of custom configurations. Please contact our experienced engineering staff for support in evaluating your development or product needs and estimated delivery scheduling.

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