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Morpheous Actuators

QorTek has developed the World’s most advanced and high performance piezoelectric bimorph devices.  Based on a patented Autoclave Multilaminar construction process, these flat bimorph actuators provide bidirectional force and displacement characteristics well in excess of what can be achieved by any competitive piezoelectric bimorph devices.

Polyimide Covered Multilayer

QorTek has developed a Piezoelectric Bimorph specific drive architecture that, instead of applying external power (energy) to a piezoelectric device, instead shunts all of the return the power (energy) back and forth between the two opposing piezoelectric or electrostrictive sides at almost no cost in this shunting process. The elimination of conventional power amplifier drives and its replacement by charge shunting provides its name of Zero Net Charge (ZNC). The result is a unique design that requires substantially less power to drive the piezoelectric or electrostrictive devices and consequently consumes substantially less power than any other known solution for driving piezoelectric or electrostrictive actuators.

Unique Shroud (Housing) design decouples Aerodynamic Loading from the Actuator enabling the MORPHEOUS Actuators to Fully Transfer their Entire Force and Displacement during Flight

μPOLYDRIVE Zero Net Charge (ZNC) Inverter designed to be form factor
compliant with the housing of a Standard MORPHEOUS Product

MORPHEOUS devices are available in a range of custom configurations. Please contact our experienced engineering staff for support in evaluating your development or product needs.

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