TYPHON Technology Advantages & Versatility

Single Cell and 4-cell
Employing Multiple (2×1 Configured)
Multilayer Piezoelectric Transducers

Patented TITAN series and its large displacement capable TYPHON series actuators introduce the next generation of Amplified Motion Actuators that provide a superior (Fd) performance in a more compact package size than has been previously available. Fully manufactured and assembled in USA these devices provide exceptional reliability and ruggedness. TITAN series and TYPHON series actuator mechanisms provide a unique set of versatile design advantages that include:

  • Corrugated Housing Construction - Non-uniform (‘corrugated’) design improves mechanical efficiency over standard housing designs providing up to 40% more displacement and 25% more force than what standard flextensional designs can deliver.
  • Pre-strain Assembly - The unique assembly design provides a desired pre-strain load on the piezoelectric transducer devices and also ensures that these never go into a tension state
  • Engineered Center Block - Engineered center block that not only can series/parallel multilayer transducers (e.g. piezoelectric stacks) but that can be incorporated into part of a mechanical system integral to the design that enables transverse disposition of a rod, cable, fiber or active element.
  • Transverse Mechanisms - Engineered rod, cable, fiber or active element in conjunction with the center block can enable a new class of electromechanical systems. The transverse assembly passes through the engineered center blocks, housing top and bottom sections and can be free at both ends as in the case of valve or flow controller applications.
  • Multicell Construction - Enabling high force and large displacements characteristics of up to ×80 displacement of individual transducer. 
  • Unique Non-bonded Construction - Enables easy piezo-stack install, removal and replacement.
  • Non-adhesive Assembly - Elimination of use of adhesive materials ensures near-zero loss characteristics.
  • Transducer Recovery - TITAN and TYPHON integrated piezoelectric devices can easily be recovered for re-use in other applications or re-engineered designs.

TYPHON devices are available in a wide range of configurations. Please contact our experienced engineering staff for support in evaluating your development or product needs and our sales department for estimated delivery scheduling.

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