HELIOS Analog Ceramic
Isolated Voltage Sensors

QorTek ceramic power technology is revolutionizing power solutions for the Aerospace and Space industries.  One of the most popular products emerging from this ceramic power revolution is the new ‘analog ceramic-based isolated voltage sensors’.   The HELIOS voltage sensor is a unique (patent applied for) fully analog circuit that incorporates a JANUS ceramic transformer and a ‘Core Loop Circuit’.

HELIOS Analog Ceramic Voltage Sensors offer a low cost option to other expensive isolated transformer voltage sensors; moreover, HELIOS sensors offer many advantages over opto-isolators or transformer-based isolated voltage sensors, including far higher galvanic isolation than transformer coupled products and less radiation sensitivity than opto-isolator products.

HELIOS Sensors can be designed for excellent linear performance and near-constant gain margin from near-DC over a wide range of voltage measurements.  The voltage range of measurement is set by the design of the ceramic core and selection of FET devices.  Our most standard design provides a selectable linear voltage range that is user specified.

Helios (Very High Galvanic Isolation)
Voltage Sensors

HELIOS Isolated Voltage Sensor Advantages

  • Affordable voltage sensor that meets commercial and military aerospace requirements
  • Low profile (<10 mm) in a ¼ brick form factor
  • Eliminates feedback control requirements
  • Easy thru hole attachment
  • Interfaces include 10-120V input sense range, 5-15V output
  • Excellent linear response over selected region and very high s/n ratio

LEADTIME DELIVERY NOTE: HELIOS Isolated Voltage Sensor Modules are presently only available in custom IC packaged configurations. Please inquire for engineering support and delivery scheduling.

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