NYX: Fully Analog Ceramic Switching
(Unregulated) Isolated Power Supplies

Developed for medical industry and oil & gas industry, (patent pending) analog modular ceramic power technology represents a radical departure from conventional power electronics.  Termed NYX as to indicate complete absence of magnetic cores, windings, and processor components, these power supplies require very few components during fabrication. 

Incorporating new (patents pending) ceramic transformer technology, NYX Ceramic Switching Power Modules eliminate need for complex feedback, PWM controller, waveform generator or gate driver circuitry and components. The elimination of the bulk of conventional switching power design results in enabling ceramic power supplies to be low profile and subcompact. Their elimination also translates to extreme immunity to electromagnetic coupling.

NYX Ceramic Power Modules provide the high performance of switching power supplies with the added convenience of fully self-integrated electronics as to streamline prototype development and accelerate early production.

Open Frame NYX Analog Ceramic Power Supplies (Example shown: High-efficiency 30W DC/DC Converter 28Vbus supply to 1.2V load)

NYX Low Profile 1/4 Brick Analog Ceramic Power Supply

NYX Analog Power Supply Advantages

  • Affordable solution with custom packaging options
  • Low profile (<10 mm) in a ¼ brick form factor
  • Modular construction that eliminates feedback, PWM controller, waveform generator or gate driver circuitry and components
  • Elimination of expensive bulky magnetic transformer parts
  • Elimination of microprocessor needs
  • Reduced design cycle (due to its modular construction and few components)
  • Extremely low susceptibility to EMI/RFI
  • High temperature withstand with minimal thermal solution requirements
  • High performance efficiency (Transformer section >97%; I/O > 88%)
  • Internal auto-adjustment to parametric variations in load and temperature
  • Very high Galvanic isolation (typically > ×2 equivalent magnetic power supply isolation)

LEADTIME DELIVERY NOTE: NYX Analog Power Supply Modules are presently available in power modules providing up to 30W with Vout from 3.3V to 800V. Higher 50W capable multi-slat transformers should be available in Spring 2014.  Please inquire for availability and scheduling.

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