Developed for the Oil & Gas industry and the US Army, OLYMPUS DC/DC ceramic-based voltage transformers can operate either to high temperature over a wide temperature range delivering up to 2,000VDC to the target electrical load from low voltage (e.g. 5V, 12V or 28V) sources.

Olympus converters are based on a novel low-part count [Low-Power SMPS Modulation System] ceramic-based driver circuit topology that utilizes specially design JANUS class transformers designed for high temperature/thermal cycling sustainability.  OLYMPUS high voltage switching power supplies provide a compact, low profile solution to efficient power conversion to high voltage needs that is virtually completely non-magnetic and absent any processor requirements. 

Its unique SMPS modulation topology enables OLYMPUS to consume only a tenth of the quiescent power as compared to supplies using conventional DC/DC high voltage-high gain technology.

Unlike DC/DC high voltage supply designs based on piezoelectric transformers, such as the Rosen class, OLYMPUS can meet high temperature requirements; in particular it provides an extended MilSpec temperature range capability and, critically, meets thermal cycling requirements.

OLYMPUS isolated power supplies provide unmatched SWaP performance for high voltage supply applications with added benefit of enabling reliable operation even in harsh environmental conditions.

Electrical Connectivity Diagram for a 2kV and 1kV (Dual Output)
supply from 9v - 24v (9v Nominal) Battery. Total weight <15 grams

OLYMPUS High Voltage - High Gain Power Supply Advantages

  • Affordable solution to supplying high voltage from very low voltage sources
  • Low profile (<10 mm)
  • Size comparable to conventional DC-DC converter units, but with the ability to substantially outperform such equipment in term of electrical performance
  • Total weight of 20 – 30  grams  (dependent on load/power requirements)
  • < 10 times less quiescent power consumption of conventional high voltage DC-DC power supply technology
  • Incorporates battery regulation stage
  • Optional High Temperature equipped versions meet extended temperature range of 175°C
  • Designed to operate for even highly resistive (1 GW – 100GW) loads
  • Near-zero magnetic coupling characteristics
  • Extremely high Galvanic isolation (typically > ×2 equivalent magnetic power supplies)

LEAD TIME DELIVERY NOTE: OLYMPUS High Voltage – High Gain power supplies are only available on a custom basis.  Please inquire for availability and scheduling.

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