THEMIS+: Harsh Environment Analog
Ceramic Power Supplies

Developed for NASA and the US military harsh environment applications, THEMIS+ represents the WORLD’S FIRST INHERENTLY VERY RAD HARD (>300krad) AND HIGH TEMPERATURE 175°C WITHSTAND CAPABLE SWITCHING POWER EQUIPMENT.  Unlike existing power solutions, THEMIS+ regulated and isolated power supply components and integrated supply require neither expensive rad hard by design implementation of trench topologies nor bulky  radiation shielding protection solutions.

THEMIS+ design leverages THEMIS high-speed analog Quasi-linear circuitry that eliminates processor needs and most magnetics. THEMIS+ modifies the design by replacing the remaining discrete components with equivalent state-of-the-art rad hard/high temperature components as to have nearly identical electrical performance.

Replacement of the standard MOSFETS with wide gap power (GaN or SiC) MOSFETS requires a special version of the JANUS family of very high efficiency ceramic transformers integrated onto a polyimide, or (higher cost) ceramic, substrate as to enable high temperature operation capability. THEMIS+ regulated and isolated power supplies provide unmatched performance versus cost for customers needing to install any of a wide range of voltage regulated converters, or POL power modules that have to operate in harsh environmental conditions.

THEMIS+ Ceramic-Based Regulated/Isolated Power Supply Advantages

  • Affordable, low cost alternative to existing rad tolerant and/or high temperature isolated DC/DC power supplies
  • High radiation withstand (>300kRad)
  • High temperature withstand 175°C ; thermal cycling compliant
  • Risk reduction (due to elimination of magnetics, processors and low component count)
  • Incorporates state-of-the-art wide gap power switch components
  • Provides savings in size, weight and power consumption
  • High performance efficiency (Transformer section >97%; I/O > 88%)
  • Near-zero magnetic coupling characteristics
  • Internal auto-adjustment to parametric variations in load and temperature
  • Very high galvanic isolation

LEAD TIME DELIVERY NOTE: THEMIS+ rad hard/high temperature regulated power supply modules are available on a custom basis. Please inquire for engineering support and delivery scheduling

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