THEMIS: Highly Isolated & Voltage
Regulated Switch Mode Power Supplies

Developed for medical industry and oil & gas industry, (patent pending) modular ceramic power technology represents a radical departure from conventional voltage regulated power electronics.  Based on the (patent pending) analog Quasi-linear Circuit Topology, the THEMIS family of regulated power supplies provides a whole new generation of switching power electronics that offers many advantages over conventional switching power designs.  Based on a new phase bridge circuit design,
Quasi-linear circuits incorporate the JANUS family of very high efficiency ceramic transformers in a manner that enables it to provide a well-regulated voltage output without the use of any processor components or magnetic transformers. The circuit adjusts its internal parameters to re-optimize its performance for changes in supply voltage, environmental conditions, or electrical loading at the output.

Open Frame THEMIS Analog Ceramic
Regulated DC/DC Power Supplies
(Example shown: High-efficiency 30W DC/DC Converter 28Vbus supply to 1.2V load)

Based on a new ‘High-speed Analog Controlled Phase Shifted Full Bridge’ design, Quasi-linear Circuit Topology eliminates the use of processors and most magnetics to provide a well-regulated and highly isolated switch mode DC/DC power supplies provide improved performance with fewer components, elimination of digital components and reduction in magnetics; most importantly, elimination of all core magnetics and windings.

At present THEMIS supplies are available with a gain characteristics ranging from 1:100 step-up to 8:1 step-down, tolerating an up to 30% fluctuation of the voltage supply parameters.

Example Input-Output Behavior of THEMIS Analog Quasi-linear Circuitry

THEMIS Ceramic-Based Regulated/Isolated Power Supply Advantages

  • Very affordable, low cost alternative to high performance/high galvanic isolated DC/DC power supplies
  • Large risk reduction (due to elimination of magnetics, processors and low component count)
  • Large savings in size, weight and power consumption
  • Low profile open frame or packaged regulated power delivery
  • High performance efficiency (Transformer section >97%; I/O > 88%)
  • Near-zero magnetic coupling characteristics
  • Auto-adjustment to parametric variations in load and temperature
  • Extremely high Galvanic isolation (typically > ×2 equivalent magnetic power supplies)

LEADTIME DELIVERY NOTE: THEMIS Regulated Power Supply Modules are available in a wide range of gain characteristics and power levels. Please inquire for availability and scheduling.

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