ASTRIS-PZV (Piezovoltaic)
Energy Harvesting Laminates

QorTek has been working with its partner PowerFilm Corp. (Formerly Iowa Thin Film) to develop (patent pending) ASTRIS ENERGY HARVESTING TECHNOLOGY. ASTRIS technology represent the next generation of energy scavenging. 

ASTRIS devices synergistically integrates high performance photovoltaic (PV)  energy generation and high performance piezoelectric energy generation in a laminated construction that retains the same footprint and nearly the same thickness of the original photovoltaic devices. 

Available in flex and semi-rigid ASTRIS PIEZOVOLTAIC (PZV) laminates substantially enhance conventional photovoltaic energy harvest performance.

PZV technology enables mW levels of power generation to be superimposed on more continuous 10’s of mW of power generation as to enable high energy collection efficiency.

ASTRIS devices provides the ability to convert environmental energy to electrical energy over a wide range of environmental conditions in a device that is almost the same size, form factor, manufacture cost and install complexity as a standard photovoltaic energy harvesting mechanisms.

Caption: Standard ASTRIS PZV Laminates (Top and Bottom Views)

ASTRIS-PZV Energy Harvesting Advantages

  • Fully manufactured and assembled in USA providing reliability and ruggedness
  • Standard photovoltaic polymer coating protection coating now extends as to include the piezoelectric energy coupling layer(s) as to provide similar “all-weather” protection
  • Directly replace legacy PV devices and arrays with identical footprint and almost same thickness
  • Mechanical shock and vibration, such as during transport or operation generates short-term energy conversion levels greater than steady-state PV energy conversion levels
  • When the equipment is subjected to little or no mechanical excitation, any sunlight exposure will still be capable of replenishing the batteries
  • Directly couples to KIRKE high efficiency energy translation circuits as to enable lightweight low profile solution to high performance “all weather” energy harvesting
  • Excellent energy harvesting even down to low (<100Hz)  frequencies

NOTE: The importance of renewable energy generation is ever increasing. Both European and North American countries have been steadily increasing Photovoltaic (PV) devices installation leading to dramatic increases in solar cell production. ASTRIS Piezovoltaic (PZV) laminate technology offers significant enhancement of conventional PV technology at minimal cost and minimal increase in overall dimensions. 

ASTRIS range of PZV Energy Harvester Devices are available in a wide range of custom configurations. Pleased contact our energy systems engineering staff and energy scavenging products can support development of your energy harvesting system.

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