DEMETER Series of Piezoelectric
Energy Harvesters

Energy harvesting means generating energy from available environmental energy. This allows, for example, wireless data transfer to be performed without requiring batteries. Piezoelectric energy harvesting makes use of the direct piezoelectric effect to convert elastic (mechanical) energy to electrical charge.

Enclosure-integrated DEMETER energy harvesting modules incorporate matching KIRKE state-of-the-art power transfer circuitry enabling high efficiency solution to energy scavenging in a small, simple to install, fully integrated module. These are available either with or without a pre-installed LiSO4 battery storage capability and include (battery) connections.

Novel DEMETER design modifications of its piezo-beam harvester technology now address applications where the primary concern is efficient conversion of much of the (low/mid acoustic frequency) ambient shock and vibration energy.

QorTek wiring is specifically manufactured for these piezoelectric energy harvesting applications.  Constructed of few strands of thin gauge coated transformer wire it provides an extremely, flexible, thin, and lightweight conductive path to the piezoelectric scavenging devices.

QorTek uses custom developed machining techniques to produce thin flat
Piezoelectric beams that can include tip mass for lower frequency coupling.
These are available as bare devices or as fully integrated rugged units.

DEMETER Energy Harvester Advantages

  • Affordable solution to high efficiency (mechanical) energy harvesting
  • Fully manufactured and assembled in USA providing exceptional reliability
    Rapid delivery
  • Incorporates high performance (gij parameter) mechanical-electrical coupling piezoceramic materials
  • Available in a variety of sizes from dimensions suitable for microelectronics through to large scale
  • Very low loss KIRKE energy translators are pre-matched to DEMETER products as to provide exceptional overall performance
  • DEMETER products are available in lightweight/low-profile enclosure-integrated formats that can be simply installed and (battery) connected
  • Multi piezo-element of DEMETER options available in both open format and enclosure-integrated products

Cross section of (high overall efficiency)
Enclosure-Integrated Demeter Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Products

DEMETER energy harvesters are available either as bare devices or as rugged modules co-packaged with KIRKE circuitry. Pleased contact our experienced energy systems engineering staff can support development of your energy harvesting system.

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