Kinetic Harvester Modules
(Mechanical Energy Power Converters)

The DEMETER-based KINETIC HARVESTER MODULE (KHM) is a fully self-integrated Mechanical Energy Power Converter (MEPC).  KHM modules install an array of DEMETER piezoelectric harvesting elements and KIRKE transfer/power converter circuitry as to enable very efficient translation of such harvested electrical energy at desired voltage levels (3.3V, 5V, 12V and 28V).

KHM modules are housed in Molded ABS Plastic as to  provide very lightweight and rugged solution to energy harvesting that incorporates:

  • Power Converter / Battery Charging Electronics (EPC)
  • Integrated battery storage
  • Additional energy storage (capacitor bank) option is available

KHM modules provide intermediate Energy Generation and Storage with all the necessary energy harvesting mechanisms and charge translation/conversion housed within a single compact module. The KHM units are designed to be integrated into field-deployable system solutions; however, these units can be quickly disconnected and separately deployed as an independent energy harvesting unit.

KHM Module Operation being tested under Field Conditions

Kinetic Harvester Module Advantages

  • Rugged construction for field deployment
  • Easily connect for ‘plug-in’ capability with wide range of connection style options
  • Larger (shock & vibration) energy conversion due Install of a piezo harvest element array
  • Pre-installed energy translation and voltage transform circuitry efficiently converts generated electrical energy to target DC voltage level
  • Optional pre-installed (battery/capacitor) storage

Manufactured entirely in USA, KHM modules meet stringent reliability and rugged performance needs.  KHM meets your energy harvesting application needs that requiring much larger levels of energy conversion.    Importantly, these can efficiently convert shock & vibration energy even down to low frequencies.  KHM module integrated KIRKE circuitry can efficiently convert extracted electrical energy to desired voltage level.  Optionaly KHM integrated energy storage can include high performance battery or supercapacitor devices.

Large Power Generation Capability Under Low Frequency Test Conditions: Resonant Frequency = 16.5Hz; Amplitude Limit = 0.5g

Pleased contact our energy systems engineering staff and energy scavenging products can support development of your energy harvesting system and for delivery scheduling of KHM modules.

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