Characterization of components, devices and equipment can be a laborious, costly and time-consuming task and often cannot be avoided. One option is to develop and fabricate an automated system using high-end software systems such as LabView and MatLab/Simulink. Not only can this be expensive and time-consuming, but also high-end tools are not specifically designed for automated test applications and are both complicated to set-up and slow in executing instruction sets. Although these can implement data processing during test procedures it is accomplished in a time-consuming fashion.
QorTek now offers a rapid solution that reduces both acquisition and lifetime costs for automated test equipment capability. APECTS (Automated Programmable Environmental Characterization Test Software) is specifically designed to automate characterization testing of hardware using extremely fast numerical algorithms. APECTS modular equipment handling software uses C# for different test and measurement hardware to achieve a highly customizable automatic characterization system Due to efficient programming, APECTS does not require significant amount of computer resources. The software handles the environmental conditions, testing parameters, data acquisition and logging with minimum latency. The fast operation of the software permits the inclusion of feedback control to any/all test variables such as characterization under constant input and output conditions (e.g. power, efficiency, temperature rise, vibration velocity). The software allows for quick setup regardless the complexity of the test procedure, number of parameters controlled, and amount of hardware connected.

The unique design and power electronics make APECTS install systems ideal for measuring highly capacitive or inductive test articles. This enables rapid evaluation of how piezo devices and materials will perform under real world high input power conditions requires the ability to predict where losses will occur based on variables such as shape, vibrational mode, and power. For such piezoelectric materials or device testing it can be critical to be able to observe constant temperature rise analysis. At present a APECTS system is the only equipment enabling this type of constant thermal load testing capability
The software is capable of generating the test output in different formats such as XML, XMS, TXT, etc. that can be opened and edited with almost any text editor as to enables easy display and data storage modification by the user.

Due to its versatile design for a broad range of test equipment, its specific design to automate characterization test procedures, its high-speed parametric testing implementation and rapid simultaneous data processing, APECTScharacterization systems now provides industry with a number of key advantages that include:

  • Low Acquisition Cost
    • ELIMINATES ADDITIVE TOOLBOX NEEDS – With APECTS install all necessary components are pre-integrated thereby removing need to purchase any expensive add-on Toolbox.
    • ELIMINATES RECURRING LICENSE FEES – No recurring license fee is required for APECTS systems.
    • READY-TO-USE – No need for expensive training of the operators to use the software controlled measurement system.
  • Performance
    • RAPID DATA ACQUISITION – Unlike existing high-end equipment, APECTS enables rapid data processing during ongoing test procedures.  This enables APECTS to generate commands real-time as to enable tracking one or more parameters.  An example would be maintaining a thermal load condition by adjusting other parameters.
    • DESIGN COMPATIBILITY – APECTS is custom tailored to match your existing test equipment, interfaces and environments such as thermal, vacuum, and shock & vibration.
    • MODULARITY – APECTS allows easy addition or removal of a component (such as PLL or signal generator).
  • Agility
    • TEST ENVIRONMENT EXPANSION – APECTS is easily expanded to measure test articles in a range of environments such as thermal, vacuum, and vibration.
    • MODULARITY – APECTS allows easy addition or removal of a component (such as PLL or signal generator).
    • REACTIVE POWER TESTING - Because of its unique design and power electronics it can readily handle testing reactive electrical load conditions making it ideal to characterize piezoelectric or electromagnetic based systems and devices.

QorTek can provide APECTS - based testing services at our laboratories as to offer a very affordable solution to your materials or device characterization costs.   With APECTSunique ability to add tight thermal control together with QorTek’s leading edge electrical-mechanical-thermal modeling capabilities within COMSOL, QorTek can rapidly generate highly accurate (test-data based) FEA models of your device performance. APECTSnow offers both the piezoelectric and electromagnetic communities with a very affordable solution to quick turn-around test characterization and accurate (test data correlated) FEA model generation.

Compatible Equipment


  • All digital Tektronix oscilloscopes with Ethernet connections
  • All digital Agilent oscilloscopes with Ethernet connections
  • Any oscilloscope that follows IVI or VISA standards with Ethernet or RS-232


  • Agilent
  • Tektronix
  • Fluke
  • BK Precision
  • Keithley
  • Any DMM that follows IVI or VISA standards with Ethernet or RS-232

Function Generators

  • Agilent
  • Tektronix
  • Any Generator that follow IVI or VISA standards with Ethernet or RS-232

Programmable Power Supplies

  • Any Supply that follows IVI or VISA standards with Ethernet or RS-232

Ovens and Environmental Chambers (partial list)

  • Full line of Test Equity ovens and environmental chambers
  • Despatch Ovens
  • Any oven utilizing a Watlow brand PID controller or similar

APECTS systems are available in custom configurations only. Please contact our experienced engineering staff for support in evaluating your development or product needs.

Sales and marketing inquiries 570-322-2700 Ext-14 or sale@qortek.com

Technical support inquiries 570-322-2700 Ext-23 or tech_support@qortek.com

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