Profilometer Surface Scanning Tool

QorTek has developed the Agile Tri-Linear Automated Scanning Profilometry Equipment as an affordable solution for engineers and researchers that require ultra high-speed multi-axis imaging capability. The system integrates a proprietary XY raster matrix scanning system and advanced algorithms as to provide outstanding scan rate and scan resolution performance. Featuring an ultra-precise XY stage (<5µm resolution) and incorporating a precision laser micrometer, the resulting tight resolution capability meets all high-speed scanning requirements. The integrated computer controlled software captures measurement data and constructs a 3D representation of the material’s surface from this acquired data. The data can be exported and post-processed to yield other statistical information. The tool incorporates a fully linear adjustable Z-axis setting to accommodate any sample.


Accuracy Specifications

  • 2µm Laser Micrometer precision (Most economical laser choice)
    • Laser Micrometers available to measure down to 0.01µm
  • 5µm full step XY resolution
  • 2.5µm half step resolution (resolution accuracy not guaranteed in this mode)

Measurement Span

  • 100mm square (As configured)

Control Methods

  • Manual hardware XY positioning buttons
  • PC software control – Automated measurement software
    • Via USB 2.0
    • Windows XP and up (Software Custom portable to other operating systems)
  • Embedded control via UART or SPI

Measurement Storage

  • Stored efficiently as a bitmap image using colors as the vertical measurement
  • Can be rendered in 3D with pan , tilt, and zoom capabilities
  • Data can be inherently be viewed using any image viewer

Statistical Processing

  • Number of points
  • Area
  • Standard Deviation
  • Mean
  • Median
  • Mode
  • Min, Max
  • Range
  • Equation of a plane

These Surface Scanning tools are available in a range of custom configurations only. Please contact our experienced engineering staff for support in evaluating your development or product needs.

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