Custom Embedded Systems

QorTek’s engineering team has over the years increasingly integrated their piezo driver units with embedded digital systems. This capability provides complete and versatile control over these laboratory units. With digital control of the hardware, QorTek is capable of expanding control communication to nearly any protocol, but control is most commonly implemented over the USB 2.0 protocol. QorTek’s embedded software is programmed to supply most common functions and further custom control can be expanded using a QorTek set of DLL’s (Dynamically Linked Library) to embed the hardware control functionality into any customized .net based programming language. This capability makes it convenient for system based software to control applications such as automated test equipment, where one piece of software is controlling many different kinds of test and measurement units.

One of QorTek’s most popular software suites is included with the purchase of the ULTRIPHASE® Arbitrary Waveform Generator. The ULTRIPHASE® Arbitrary Waveform Generator is an integrated solution for driving custom waveforms at high power levels. The software is user friendly and allows for many different methods of defining and generating up to three separate waveforms simultaneously.


Waveform Generation

  • Predefined Functions (Time based mathematical functions)
  • Click and Draw
  • Manual Data Entry
  • CSV import (MATLAB, Excel Etc..)


  • USB 2.0 Currently Implemented
  • UART, Ethernet, SPI, Quad SPI, and Bluetooth can be easily added based on customer interest

Hardware Control

  • All settings available from front panel
  • Download Waveforms
  • Upload Waveforms
  • Verify Waveform Content
  • Store from device to CSV file
  • Multiple units capable

Operating System

  • Windows XP and up
  • Custom porting available for other operating systems

QorTek's Custom Embedded Systems are available in a range of custom configurations only. Please contact our experienced engineering staff for support in evaluating your development or product needs.

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