Low Cost Ultrasonic Tracking Driver

The low cost tracking driver (LCTD) offers a new method for real-time phase tracking and power control for both laboratory and commercial piezo ceramic actuators. The versatility of the LCTD’s programmable tracking algorithms enables the user to drive widely varying resonant systems from 20kHz to 200kHz. The driver is customizable through the front panel interface to output a range tailored to the user’s needs. The LCTD sports two modes of operation: manual and tracking. Manual mode allows the user full control of the driver’s frequency, phase, and power output. Tracking mode allows the user to select the power and I/V phase and then tracks and maintains the optimal frequency.


  • Intuitive LCD touch display
  • Dual modes: Manual and Tracking
  • Wide bandwidth: 20kHz – 200kHz
  • Customizable power output range: 0.1W – 60W
  • Voltage range: up to 280Vp-p
  • Remote interface control
  • Thermal protection: automatic fan enable and output disable
  • Dimensions: 246mm x 170mm x 55mm

LEAD TIME DELIVERY NOTE: Units are available in standard and custom configurations. Delivery scheduling for standard products is 6-8 weeks.  Call for custom device delivery scheduling.

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