Metis Ultrasonic Generator

QorTek’s METIS line of Ultrasonic drivers is designed to be an affordable ultrasonic driver with high end features.  The design platform is scalable to a large range of power level from 20 to 120W. METIS can also be packaged as a standalone unit or provided as an OEM solution ready to integrate into your product of interest. Locking onto and maintaining resonance tracking is one of the most sought after add on features of the these drives, Unlike traditional Phase Lock Loops (PLL) this ultrasonic driver has the unique ability to vary the frequency lock point to control efficiency and reduce heating of the resonant element. All these features are found at very low prices, and custom solutions are also available.


  • Output Bandwidth DC – 1MHz
  • Output Voltage Range
    • 0-2000 Vp-p
    • Custom ranges available
  • Output Current Range
    • 0-5.0 A
    • Custom ranges available
    • Isolated Output
    • Control input 3.3–5 Vpeak
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • Remote Enable Disable
  • Remote Frequency Adjust
  • Onboard Frequency Generator
  • Available Options and Accessories
    • Resonance Tracking
    • Matching Filter
    •  Custom Enclosures
    •  Open Frame Amplifier
  •  AC Power Input
    •  120/240VAC 50-60Hz
  • Size - 3.5” x 5.5” x 1.5"

LEAD TIME DELIVERY NOTE: METIS units are available in standard and custom configurations. Delivery scheduling for standard METIS products is 6-8 weeks.  Call for custom device delivery scheduling.

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