PDAC - Power Digital to Analog Converter

The Power Digital to Analog Converter (PDAC) synthesizes Advanced Power Technology™ with innovative digital logic to provide the system developer with next generation power amplifier capabilities. PDAC units are capable of driving highly reactive loads (such as piezoelectric devices) at high efficiency levels providing a rapid prototyping tool to the laboratory. PDAC technology provides high current capability for driving electrical systems that require extremely high instantaneous peak current with a lower continuous current draw.  The power output stage of the PDAC is designed as an open loop driver allowing the user flexibility to drive the load over a wide bandwidth without tuning.  The versatile driver control input features both a 10-bit parallel interface and a 5 Vp-p analog signal as to enable rapid prototyping and laboratory system development. 


  • Output Bandwidth DC - 25 kHz
  • Output Voltage Range
    • 0-250 V
    • Custom ranges available
  • Output Current Range
    • 150 A Peak drive
    • 2.5 A Continuous
  • Output Resolution - 10 Bit
  • Input Signal
    • Digital connector - DB25
    • 0-3.3 V Digital control signals
    • Analog connector - 3x BNC
    • 0–5 Vp-p Analog input
  • Remote Enable
  • Peak Over Current Shutdown
    • 150 A
  • Over Voltage Protection
    • Peak shutdown - 300 Vp
  • Continuous Operation Limit
    • 2.0 A
  • Internal Thermal Protection
  • Ground Fault Indicator
    • >5 V Differential
  • Built-in Watchdog Function
  • AC Input – IEC Connector with Auto Ranging
    • 85–250 V
    • 50–60 Hz
  • Rack Mount Chassis
    • 19" x 3U x 18"

LEAD TIME DELIVERY NOTE: PDAC units are available in standard and custom configurations. Delivery scheduling for standard PDAC products is 6-8 weeks.  Call for custom device delivery scheduling.

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