POLYBRIDGE® Underwater Acoustic Driver

QorTek has been involved in extensive development and manufacture of advanced high power amplifiers and DC-DC converters underwater sonar applications. For the past several years, QorTek has been developing the POLYBRIDGE® units with emphasis in very tight volumetric requirements and reliable performance. Development and prototype production of such advanced capability results show that significant size reductions and increased output power levels are near-term and that it is now very feasible to field high performance deployable systems. QorTek can leverage these advances for your sonar application. Although these POLYBRIDGE® units are normally built to be integrated into a sonar system, this line of drivers can be supplied self contained for lab, bench and prototype characterization prior to full integration. 


  • Output Bandwidth DC - 50 kHz
  • Output Voltage Range
    • 0-2000 Vrms
    • Custom ranges available
  • Output Current Range
    • 0-10 A
    • Custom ranges available
  • Output Resolution – 10 Bit
  • Input Signal
    • Digital input
      • SPI
    • Analog input
      • 0–5 Vp-p
  • Peak Current
    • 25 A
  • Current Limit
    • User adjustable
      • Upto 25A
  • Available Options and Accessories
    •  HV DC-DC Converter
    •  Custom Enclosures
    •  Open Frame Amplifier
  •  Power Input
    • DC power
    • LV DC power
  •  Round, Square, and other custom form factors available

LEAD TIME DELIVERY NOTE: POLYBRIDGE® units are available in custom configurations only. Call for custom device delivery scheduling.

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