PTD Programmable Track Drivers

The Programmable Tracking Driver (PTD) introduces a completely new level of power electronics technology flexibility into the laboratory. PTD units provide a programmable real-time phase tracking ability between the output voltage and current.  The PTD provides the capability to locate a desired phase and follow it.  Introduction of programmable tracking provides users with an increased level of adaptability in designing and testing resonant systems.  Because mechanical and electrical resonance can shift depending on temperature, mechanical loading, and other environmental factors, it is often difficult to drive a resonant device directly on or around resonance.  In “manual mode” PTD units also provide full function generator capabilities that allow the user to select a frequency within the 50 kHz bandwidth.   After band selection, the PTD unit can be set back into “tracking mode” to provide automatic adjustment of output frequency at a predefined voltage current phase.


  • Output Bandwidth DC - 50 kHz
  • Output Voltage Range
    • 0-1000 Vp-p
  • Custom ranges available
  • Output Current Range
    • 5 A Peak drive
    • 0.25 A Continuous
  • Output Resolution - 9 Bit
  • Front Panel User Controls
  • Remote Operation
  • Peak Over Current Shutdown
    • 5 A
    • Adjustable software limit
  • Continuous Operation Limit
    • 0.25 A
  • Over Voltage Protection
    • Peak shutdown - 500 Vp
    • Adjustable software limit
  • Internal Thermal Protection
  • Available Options
    • LAN 
    • RS-232 Converter cable
  • AC Input - IEC Connector with Auto Ranging
    • 85–250 V
    • 50–60 Hz
  • Size - 6.2" x 20.5" x 17.8"  

LEAD TIME DELIVERY NOTE: PTD units are available in standard and custom configurations. Delivery scheduling for standard PTD products is 6-8 weeks.  Call for custom device delivery scheduling.

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