ULTRIPHASE® Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The ULTRIPHASE Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) introduces an entirely new dimension to function generation capability. ULTRIPHASE® units provide comprehensive waveform selection directly coupled with state-of-the-art switch-mode power drive technology. The ULTRIPHASE® Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables the user to create a wide array of selectable wave shapes from either the built-in library or user-defined waveforms. Its programmable interface enables rapid development of optimal drive waveforms for high performance actuators, multi-phase motors and other power actuation systems.

To provide the user with the flexibility of driving the load over a wide bandwidth, the ULTRIPHASE® integrates a robust switch-mode topology. The current limited ULTRIPHASE® units can deliver pulse waveforms of up to 150 A and 250 V at the load. The ULTRIPHASE® incorporates a unique power topology designed to drive dynamic loads such as highly-capacitive or inductive (e.g., piezoelectric or magnetostrictive) elements at very high efficiencies, making the ULTRIPHASE® an ideal choice for enabling rapid program development.  After the user completes testing, the same switch-mode architecture can be customized for embedded use in final products.


  • Output Bandwidth DC - 25 kHz
  • Output Voltage Range
    • 0–250 V
    • Custom ranges available  
  • Output Current Range
    • 150 A Peak drive
    • 2.5 A Continuous
  • Output Resolution - 9 Bit
  • PC Controlled GUI via USB
    • User-defined waveforms
    • Built-in functions
    • Click and draw waveforms
  • Wave Trigger - TTL Input
  • Peak Over Current Shutdown
    • 150 A
  • Continuous Operation Limit
    • 2 A
  • Over Voltage Protection
    • Peak shutdown - 300 Vp
  • Internal Thermal Protection
  • Ground Fault Indicator
    • >5 V Differential
  • Built-in Timeout & Watchdog Functions
  • Available Options
    • LAN
    • RS-232 Converter cable
  • AC Input – IEC Connector with Auto Ranging
    • 85–250 V
    • 50–60 Hz
  • Rack Mount Chassis
    • 19" x 3U x 18"    

LEAD TIME DELIVERY NOTE: ULTRIPHASE® AWG units are available in standard and custom configurations. Delivery scheduling for standard ULTRIPHASE® AWG products  is 6-8 weeks.  Call for custom device delivery scheduling.

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