Developed for DOD and Microelectronics Industries needs, AETHER Micro-Sensor modules consist of optimized designed piezoelectric sensors that incorporate in-built electronics as to provide a one-stop solution to accurate sensor measurements that are Simple to Install as either resident within an existing microelectronics package or as a separate stand-alone microchip. Its unique design enables it to measure a wide range of shock & vibration phenomena that can includes physical access attacks to acoustic imaging. It can provide accurate information on event onset, duration, type, and can provide either continuous or sampled monitored of shock & vibration levels.

The stand-alone design use a custom developed expanded wire-bond configuration for ceramic packaging the sensor with co-packaged processor and incorporating proprietary circuitry automatically provides the user/installer with a continuous strong measurement signal sensor into the user installed system or subsystem.

Aether sensor modules provide outstanding performance with the added convenience of fully self-integrated electronics as to streamline prototype development and accelerate early production.

Stand-alone AETHER Micro-sensor Construction

AETHER Micro-sensor Advantages

CPGA Packaged Style
Ceramic Packaged AETHER
Micro-sensor Chip

Micro-sensor Chip

  • Low cost solution to fully integrated microchip that is ready to PCB install as to provide accurate monitoring of intrusion events
  • Fully integrated microchip that is ready to PCB install as to provide accurate shock & vibration monitoring (selectively continuous or sampled)
  • Fully integrated microchip that can both log event data and provide event classification
  • Externally programmable signal strength
  • Digital integration compatible (digitization of detector output signal)
  • Excellent s/n ratio

Sample AETHER μPiezoelectric Sensor Module Performance

AETHER Micro-sensors and microchips are available in a range of IC package styles and configurations. Please contact our skilled staff for engineering support of your program needs.

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