HELIOS: Isolated Voltage Sensors

QorTek ceramic power technology is revolutionizing power solutions for the Aerospace and Space industries.  One of the most popular products emerging from this ceramic power revolution is the new ‘analog ceramic-based isolated voltage sensors’. The HELIOS analog ceramic voltage sensor incorporates a ceramic “core” a pair of MOSFETS and the unique (patent applied for) Core loop circuit
HELIOS Sensors offer a low cost option to expensive isolated transformer voltage sensors; these devices offer many advantages over opto-isolators based or transformer-based isolated voltage sensors including far higher galvanic isolation than transformer coupled products and less temperature sensitivity than opto-isolator products.

HELIOS Sensors can be designed for excellent linear performance and near-constant gain margin from near-DC over a wide range of voltage measurements.  The voltage range of measurement is set by the design of the ceramic core and selection of FET devices.  Our most standard design provides linear voltage from near DC to 300V.

Helios (Very High Galvanic Isolation) 
Voltage Sensors

HELIOS Isolated Voltage Sensor Advantages

  • Low cost solution to highly isolated voltage monitoring
  • Fully manufactured and assembled in USA providing exceptional reliability
  • Rugged manufacture
  • Can intrinsically integrate voltage level change to match legacy measurement equipment
  • Comes available as a ‘plug-in’ IC package
    Wide choice linear measurement voltage ranges available
  • Easily attached (screw, adhesion bond etc.) to application hardware; it can also be directly installed onto circuit board. (QorTek can provide custom circuit boards that have Aether Sensor
  • Modules pre-populated as per customer [Gerber file] layout requirement)
  • Signal strength (voltage excursion) can be externally programmed by user
  • Digital integration compatible
  • Excellent s/n ratio

HELIOS Isolated Voltage Sensor Modules are available in a range of IC package styles and configurations. Please contact our skilled staff for engineering support of your program needs.

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