IRIS - Optical Scanning Bench

The IRIS optical scanner offer an affordable option to expensive Multi-Axis translation sensor systems; The IRIS bench scanner incorporates pre-installed optical sensors, control electronics and output display/record interface. 

Based on the Hermes X-Y control system bench incorporating both high speed/high accuracy x-y stepper capability and manual z-axis control, the new IRIS X-Y scanners provides high optical resolution capability with very fast scanning capabilities over larger travel then beam control based optical scanners or piezoelectric based x-y scanners.   Moreover, because they can be be equipped to accept any of a large catalog of 2D and 3D optical sensors, HERMES equipment provides wide usage/application agility in a single bench top unit.

IRIS equipment incorporates QorTek proprietary x-y raster matrix scanning system and advanced algorithms as to enable ultra high speed imaging capabilities with tight resolution meeting most scanning requirements.

IRIS High Speed x-y Optical Scan Systems

IRIS Affordable High-Performance Scanning Sensor Equipment

  • Affordable Cost
  • Fully manufactured and assembled in USA providing exceptional reliability
  • Fully integrated scanning array sensor incorporating high resolution optical sensor and process electronics that is plug-and-play ready to install for your application\
  • Wide choice of optical sensors can easily be installed
  • High-speed digital integrated electronics provide rapid high fidelity scan imaging
  • User controlled scan rate
  • Digital integration compatible
  • Stable high resolution imaging
  • Excellent s/n ratio

IRIS Optical Scanning Bench (Standard Model*)

  • Linear direct drive operation enabling wide dynamical range
  • Absolute positioning accuracy of <±3 μm
  • 400mm × 800mm travel range
  • Parallel kinematics for enhanced dynamical (x-y plane) performance
  • Load capacity to 500N
  • *Equipped with pre-installed Keyence LT-9000

IRIS Optical Scanning Bench equipment is available either with or without custom pre-installed Scanning Laser Sensor. Please contact our engineering staff for support of your program needs including optical sensor selection and delivery times.

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