X-COEUS Macro/Micro Pressure Switches

Developed for the Automotive industry, COUES Intelliplastic®-based sensor technology offers customers a unique new low cost and incredibly rugged solution to provide two-state (“ON”/”OFF”) monitoring of direct pressure loading or other applied force conditions. With a time constant of a few microseconds, these devices provide near-instantaneous detection of an overpressure event.

The elimination of all acquisition and process electronics requirements has enabled QorTek to develop and now offer custom X-COEUS pressure sensitive ‘on/off’ switches that range from macro to micro footprint.

X-COEUS ‘on/off’ switches directly convert pressure into “ON” state or “OFF” state eliminating process electronics as to provide, in many cases substantial, risk reduction and increased reliability.

Available in a wide range of very low profile formats that can be integrated into load paths to monitor (a customer pre-selected) pressure threshold ranging from a few psi to hundreds of psi with many tens of kpsi overload survivability. With a duration lifetime measured in decades, these devices provide an ideal low cost/high reliability solution for enabling install of ‘on/off’ or ‘interrupt’ switches.

Because COUES pressure selective switches conduct only at, or above, (pre-set) threshold pressure these devices normally passively monitor at zero power consumption costs.

Caption: COEUS Switch Voltage Output Signal (example shown custom designed for detecting onset of 10mS half-sine pulse representing a 25g impact  (shock) condition

Unique COEUS Switch Advantages

  • Low Cost
  • Fully manufactured and assembled in USA providing exceptional reliability
  • Rugged handling compatible
  • Rapid delivery
  • Normally ‘off’ design (nanowatts for most applications)
  • Extraordinarily durable with minimum >30kpsi overload withstand without failure
  • No process electronics required to provide strong signal
  • Available in low profile pre-packaged format and amenable to non-standard custom fit design requirements
  • Easily sized (at no extra cost) to meet footprint constraint
  • Large output signal (typically in volts)
  • Excellent thermal handling capability
  • Pre-packaged requiring only connection to battery or power source
  • Available in either flexible or rigid format
  • Exceptional s/n ratio

X COEUS range of Intelliplastic®-based Pressure Monitoring Switches are individually configured to customer specification. Typical delivery schedule is 2-3 weeks.  Please contact our experienced engineering staff for support in evaluating your development or product needs and estimated delivery scheduling.

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